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Making Karaoke using Adobe Premeire & TitleDeko

Author: Noy Saycocie

Date Started: 5/4/2003

Date Finished:



Purpose: I will show you how to make karaoke using Adobe Premiere 6.5 along with TitleDeko (came with Adobe Premiere 6.0). The output will be for DVD.    You can also use Adobe Photoshop file to make lyric title.  You can not use Adobe Premiere 6.5 Title maker because it will loose its alpha channel when it becomes virtual track.


Adobe Premiere 6.5

TitleDeko (came with Adobe Premeire 6.0)

BeSweet 1.4

For DVD Authoring program, we need to have two audio tracks for Karaoke DVD. So you need to have one that supports multi audio tracks such as: Sonic ReelDVD, DVDProducer, DVDMaestro, DVDwise, and .....

* Some basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere


 Play Sample Karaoke.                                           

 This tutorial


A. Prepare Lyrics

B. Create Karaoke Effect

C.  Complete Editing Karaoke video

D.  Export Video and Audio

E.  Convert Wave to AC3